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Original Acrylic on canvas including sides painted.
36" x 48"

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Skate Close-up

ABOUT THE PAINTING... 'Skate' is a large painting that went through many transformations and much contemplation before this final version appeared. It consists of thousands of paint drops dropped from distances between 14 feet to 4 feet above the canvas. The drops of paint were applied in many layers of individual colours to create a remarkable depth and unique pattern, but I was still not happy with the work. Taking a chance (after hours of applying many many paint drops), I then applied random curved acrylic white paint lines which then appeared to look like skate lines on ice. The lines break up the overall consistent background of dots and provides a dynamic flow to the work - I'm glad that I took the gamble! There is an amazing amount of paint texture in this painting since a great deal of paint was used - come into the gallery and see it for yourself!