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Image sizes: 8" x 12"(horizontal images) or 12" x 8"(vertical images)

Our fine quality Giclée canvas prints are mounted to a solid core backing and finished with U/V and moisture protective varnishes so your art print can last without needing glass over it. Only the finest Epson Professional pigmented inks and canvas are used. My prints are strictly limited and include a certificate for each print. I proof, hand sign & number each print. Unfortunately, framing supply and labour prices will fluctuate beyond our control, so please contact us for the latest framed pricing if you desire your print to be framed, or if you have other questions. Of course, ALL Marc Barrie canvas prints are available unframed for you to fit in your own frame of choice.

Note: There are some Miniature Giclée Canvas Edition's that are "Special Editions" (as noted by the bright green) being especially low in quantity of only 99 signed and numbered - so each framed and unframed Canvas Miniature image is priced seperately.

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Heavy Snow - Cardinal Lonely Lady - Cardinal Spring Cardinal Family Pride - Common Loons Old Sumac and Chickadees Lady and Red Oak - Cardinal
Ganaraska Autumn - Deer Spring Maple Minus 23 - Female Cardinal Deep Freeze - Nuthatch Summer Beauty - Bluebird Chickadee and Asters
The Staredown - Chickadees Wonderland - Cardinal Break in the Storm- Blue Jay Indian Summer - Blue Jay Frosty Sunrise - Blue Jay Time-out - Chickadee
Springtime Glow - Goldfinch Downy Royal Visitor - Cardinal Free Lunch - Goldfinch Renascence - Oriole The Woodcarver
Chatterbug (Winter Wren) Cardinal and Goldenrod Braving the Storm - Blue Jay Frosty (Chickadee) Confronted - Wolf Majesty - Cardinal
Chickadee and Berries Goldfinch and Forsythia Autumn Fires- Goldfinch Dynamic Duo - Chickadees Budding Sumac -  Bluebird Elf - Chickadee

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Grumpier - Tiger Cub Summertime Gold - Hummingbird Autumn Tracker - Red Fox Trillium Old Rails - Cardinal Indigo Blues
Always Alert - Cottontail Tiny Hunter - Pygmy Owl Golden Autumn Eastern Chipmunk Safe and Secure - Loons Rise and Shine - Cougar
Windchill - Downy Woodpecker Goldfinch and Queen Anne's Lace Autumn Song Sparrow Lady Ruby - Hummingbird Mountain Meadow - Grizzly Kinglets and Holly
Soon to Fall - Whitetailed Deer Serenity - Common Loon November Snow - Grouse Together - Canada Geese Rising High - Swans The Traveller - Snowy Owl
Ready for the Journey - Monarch Butterfly Nightfall - Screech Owl Autumn Glory - Cardinal Early Arrival - Female Eastern Bluebird Venturing Out - Snowshoe Hare Mountain Stream
Snowy Blanket - Cardinal Tranquility - Monarch Butterfly Summer Meadow - Monarch Four Macs Annie's Rose Ontario Spring - Trillium
    Winter Warmth Forest Stroll    

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