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Sienna Gold -Tree Sparrow - Original Acrylic Painting

"Sienna Gold (Tree Sparrow)"

- Original SOLD -

Original Acrylic Painting: 22.5" x 30" on 300lb Lanaquarelle paper acrylic finished front and back with deckle edge. Shadow boxed 'floated-framed' without glass.

(Shown as Actually Framed: 27.5" x 35")

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ABOUT THE PAINTING... This painting is about going back to my painting roots using watercolour techniques but using newer methods and materials. It's painted on 300lb. Lanaquarelle watercolour paper in acrylics. Acrylic polymers can offer a much more permanent and waterproof alternative to traditional gum based watercolours and because this finished painting is saturated in acrylic mediums and varnishes front and back, there is no need to frame it under glass. It is permanently protected just as an acrylic painting on canvas. For a newer look, I floated 'Sienna Gold' in a black frame with grey background. The actual paper deckles are visible too. I continue to experiment with new ideas and styles.

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