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Four Macs Acrylic by Marc Barrie

"Four Macs "
Original Acrylic on canvas
unframed size: 17" x 27"

~ SOLD ~

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ABOUT THE PAINTING... 'Four Macs' is a painting that combines numerous styles and techniques including high realism details to watercolour like washes. I blurred the background to create a sense of depth in contrast to the highly detailed apples and leaves. Though it is entirely painted in water-based acrylic, it has the quality of a smooth blended still life oil painting. This is a scene taken from a very old apple tree just a few yards from the studio. I enjoy painting wild apples - showing all the details like the bug eaten and aged leaves to the various reds, oranges and greens of the apples. The "fourth mac" was a "runt" and didn't quite get with the program :-) .

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