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Thunder in the Sky -  by Marc Barrie

"Thunder in the Sky" (RCAF Harvard)
Original Acrylic on canvas/masonite
Unframed size: 12" x 17"


Available as a Canvas Giclée Limited Edition print of 99 S/N. Image size: 12"x17".

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ABOUT THE PAINTING... 'Thunder in the Sky' is an accidental "doodle" painting that came about while playing with some new acrylic paints I was trying out. The airplane is a favourite memory from my childhood when living beside a small busy airport in Goodwood Ontario and of a pilot that my dad knew that owned this incredibly loud bright yellow plane. That pilot flew over our farm doing stunts and literally barn-stormed our barn a few times. Unforgettable memories. There is nothing like the sound of a 'Harvard' in a dive! Airplanes were the first things I drew with crayons at 4 or 5 years old (on the walls, in books, tables etc.)

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