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The Old Hunter by Marc Barrie

"The Old Hunter - Red-Tailed Hawk"
Original Acrylic on gesso primed masonite
Unframed size: 32" x 48" Framed Size: approx. 40" x 56"

~ SOLD ~

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Detail of The Old Hunter by Marc Barrie

ABOUT THE PAINTING... 'The Old Hunter' is a painting that took a few years to complete. I started it about 3 years ago and forgot about it because I did not like the way it was going. It's a totally new composed scene using various reference material I gathered in my area. Nothing was going right and there are a few other willow trees underneath the top final paint layers. I over-painted this painting numerous times. A couple months ago I found this painting in my studio storage and suddenly it all clicked - I 'saw' the final image and I went to work to finish it. The bird is a real Red-tailed hawk that is near my studio and which I photographed and sketched from a distance a few times. A beautiful old hawk he/she is to this day taking care of the local squirrel population. Ironically, Red-tailed Hawks get their red tail feathers only after their 3rd to 4th year of life.

Available as a Canvas Giclée Limited Edition print of 300 S/N.

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